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The relationship with our parents is probably the most complicated one we’ll have and yet no one ever teaches us how to navigate it, especially when our parents get old. People with Parents is the personal story telling/interview podcast where we can talk about, figure out, and laugh about the role reversal and ever-changing relationship between adult children and their parents. - Created by Leighann Lord
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"We make them parents. They make us people. Crazy people."

Created by comedian & author Leighann Lord

Sep 21, 2017

In this episode of the podcast we have an impromptu live interview with comedic storyteller Sue Schmidt and comedian Jane Condon. We are in the dressing room after our closing night show at the Peterborough Players Theater in New Hampshire. I got to commiserate with, Sue who has 20 years in the caregiving game, first with her father and now her mother. And Jane reminded us where the sweet spots in caregiving can be. 


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Susanne Schmidt MS, LCMHC is an organizational consultant, standup comic and master storyteller. A Moth Story Slam winner, host, and regional producer, Susanne was named the “Best of Valley” in the New England Public Radio Valley Voices Grand Slam. She is a seven-time Extempo champion and a national performer who has appeared in the Boston Women in Comedy Festival, the Toronto SheDot Festival, and the Arctic Entries Main Stage in Anchorage Alaska. Susanne is a teaching artist at the Flynn Theater in Burlington Vermont and travels the country teaching people how to take the funny and poignant events of our lives and turn them into stories that heal, inspire, and entertain listeners. She is the mother of two amazing sons who prefer that she stop talking about them publically. For more information, visit her at


Comedian Jane Condon won Audience Favorite (NY) on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” She has also appeared on the “The View,” “24,” and “The Today Show.” The Associated Press calls her “an uppercrust Roseanne.” Her acclaimed one-person Off-Broadway show is called

“Janie Condon: Raw & Unchained!” She was the 2011 Commencement Speaker at Wellesley College. Check her out at


About the People with Parents

People with Parents podcast is where we talk about, laugh about and figure out the role reversal and ever-changing relationship between adult children and their parents. Please share the podcast with your friends and family, and leave a review on iTunes. People with Parents is lived, written, and produced by stand-up comedian, author and keynote speaker Leighann Lord. Visit her at






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